Building communities of school students around their areas of interests beyond academics!

Introducing Lynkube

Welcome to Lynkube, a unique secured online global community of school students around their areas of interests beyond academics.

At Lynkube, we celebrate every child. Hence, we have developed a platform to honor the differences in their innate interests, nurture their talents, pique their unique creativity, and enable them to thrive and shine in their chosen space without the pressure to conform to a norm.

Lynkube provides a secured online platform for children to showcase their talents, enhance skills in their chosen interest areas, and freely engage with their age appropriate global peer community. Our vast and engaging repository of content serves as a ready-reference and self-learning resource and wonderfully complements the mentor-aided learning that we facilitate for students of all ages, across six vibrant and diverse interest clubs.

Why Lynkube

  • Through Lynkube, children receive the unparalleled opportunity to learn from a network of qualified and experienced mentors, carefully evaluated and verified by us.
  • Lynkube is the single largest global platform tailored for children to express their creativity, engage and network with peers within their age group, learn from mentors and experts, and derive the experience of being coached directly by celebrities in different fields.
  • All this in an absolutely secure, age-moderated, safety-driven IT environment through a stringent identity-verified process of affiliation with schools.

Thus, parents can rest assured that their children are insulated from the general safety hazards of the world-wide web and also engage with children who are specific to their age group while using Lynkube.

In order to ensure children engage with their age group peers our platform is segregated basis grades – preschool to grade 1, grade 2 to 5 , grade 6-12 respectively.

The Lynkube Promise

We invite you to experience Lynkube’ s safe and reassuring environment, conducive for your children to spend their free time in a productive and constructive manner.

  • At Lynkube, we aspire to leverage the potential of technology to help children further explore the world of their interests and hobbies.
  • By freely engaging in their chosen communities, children learn to not only celebrate their own achievements, but also those of their peers.
  • They are encouraged to become supportive and encouraging participants in growth by complimenting and cheering their peers.
  • At Lynkube, we aspire to tap into the inherent gentleness and compassion of children and give them the right experiences to become strong, open-minded, friendly, resilient and assertive individuals.
  • Our platform allows children to explore new avenues for making friends, taking on challenges, dealing with success and failure and most of all, appreciating and honoring the privilege of learning. All this, while not giving up on what they love doing.

Join us in Celebrating Creativity and Fostering Talent.

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