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For Grade 6 to 8

Every child is unique, and every child’s potential for talent stretches beyond academics!

Lynkube offers an exciting way to integrate learning with fun.

By giving children the opportunity to explore their hobbies and interests, we enable learning through play and foster their creativity and celebrate their childhood. Fostering creativity results in the nurturing of a child's talent. Talent, when nurtured, allows children to perform to their highest potential.

Lynkube is the single largest global platform tailored for children to express their creativity, engage and network with peers, learn from mentors and experts, and derive the experience of being coached directly by celebrated mentors from across the globe.

Trust your child only with Lynkube! A safe environment for children to engage and collaborate with peers sharing the same interests.

Life @ Champions Club


KubeIt from Lynkube is an entirely free, extensively safe, feature-rich digital platform exclusively for celebrating school life. It is where children across and within schools and countries come together to celebrate their little and big moments. We believe that every moment of school life is worth celebrating, whether it is narrating a funny story, expressing emotional upheavals without fear and inhibition, showcasing creative achievements, or just having a virtual party of sorts.

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Open House

At an open house, students, teachers and parents will get a chance to participate in many workshops and learning events. Sessions like Get Inspired, Career Dialogues, Teacher Training Sessions, Parenting Workshops and many more interventions will be held across all interest areas.

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After School Clubs

Lynkube After School Clubs will provide an opportunity for every member student to foster talent in their areas of interest, meet qualified mentors for expert advice and meet other students who share your interest. We endeavour to give enormous exposure to all our member students and a platform to celebrate their creativity in the field of their interests. The Lynkube After School Club serves to strengthen this community by bringing together like-minded and passionate students for experiencing the magic of their passions.

  • Art Club
  • Culinary Club
  • Dance Club
  • Environment Club
  • Literature Club
  • Mind Games Club
  • Music Club
  • Steam Club
  • Theatre Club
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Learning Exchange Programs

Lynkube aims to provide a platform for facilitating exchange programs across schools, which will serve as a potent ground for peer learning in a structured manner for a definite period to bring about extensive consolidation of learning methods both at a student and faculty level. Furthermore, Lynkube aims to connect students across schools with their respective teachers in a powerful, conducive and collaborative space that will allow both teachers and students to connect deeply and imbibe each other's learning and teaching methods for collective growth and fortification. Packed with a set of fun and engaging activities, Lynkube takes students and teachers on an exciting and innovative method of learning and imparting knowledge.

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Learning Courses

At Lynkube, we have designed certificate programmes that directly augment children's academic regimen by imparting the much-needed socio-development, cognitive ability, skill-development, emotional intelligence and people skills, with a mix of mentor instruction, interaction, engagement and a warm nurturing space to support and be supported.

Enrol your children in various certificate programmes, ranging from art to music, public speaking to robotics and many more. Lynkube's certificate programmes focus on tapping into tactile and sensory experiences to offer your child more holistic and thorough development.

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Lynkube promotes the spirit of healthy competition amongst its member students. It supports the strong role played by schools in promoting this spirit and aims to provide a platform to host interschool competitions. On the Lynkube platform, schools will get an opportunity to host their inter-school activities such as sports, literature, performing arts, science, technology, entrepreneurship and many more. Lynkube wishes to collaborate with schools to facilitate healthy rivalry with the incentive to perform and excel but without the pressure to win or prove a point. Through such rivalry, Lynkube endeavors to forge a strong bond of collaboration, participation and peer learning across the entire fraternity of school goers, who are the future of tomorrow.

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Fests & Carnivals

Lynkube Wonderkids Carnival is an annual fun-filled carnival specially designed for all our beautiful kids of Pre Nursery - Grade 1 and their parents. We aim to offer the perfect mix of joy, knowledge and learning for our young learners.

The Lynkube Wonderkids Carnival is a fantastic combination of laughter, creativity, friendship, and learning through fun and smiles. Through several entertaining activities, we want to make it a memorable occasion for both our children and their parents while also offering something new and exciting along the way.

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Content Library

Access our rich repository of learning resources to enhance your learnings and explore the world in a safe environment with specially curated content for their age group.

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Calling all young writers! Writing need not be a solo job anymore. Break the productivity barriers by being in the company of like minded little writers and write your blogs to fame with the Lynkube Blogs Club. Commit to showing up along with your inspirational peer group, and writing never has to seem arduous. So tap into your very own fountain of encouragement and inspiration and start crafting your masterpiece today.

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Get Inspired

Inspiration creates an irresistible urge to take action towards a chosen purpose. Common obstacles and perceived challenges cease to deter the path of inspired people. Taking inspired action causes the person to experience elevated happiness levels and gives them further impetus to race ahead towards their goals. While inspiration should ideally emanate from within oneself, hearing about other people's journey to success, excellence and fulfilment replenish the depleting inspirational reserves in a person.

At Lynkube, we understand the highs and lows of inspiration individuals face, especially children. Therefore, for Lynkubers of Grades 6 and above, we bring regular doses of inspiration by facilitating experience-sharing by eminent personalities, who also answer Lynkubers' questions on the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

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Future Ready Skills

We want to prepare our students for a great career ahead and give them the skills to thrive in the future. Developing future-ready skills goes hand-in-hand with letting students learn educational concepts. The strength of one builds on the other. Therefore, skills like Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Art of Storytelling, Effective Communications Skills have become more critical in shaping and securing a successful career. For your child to experience learning in a stimulating and thought-provoking environment, enrol them now.

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