Building communities of school students around their areas of interests beyond academics!

Lynkube celebrates every child. Hence, we have developed a secured online platform to honor the differences in their innate interests, nurture their talents, pique their unique creativity, and enable them to thrive and shine in their chosen space without the pressure to conform to a norm and freely engage with their global peer community. Our vast and engaging repository of content serves as a ready-reference and self-learning resource and wonderfully complements the mentor-aided learning that we facilitate for students of all ages, across eight vibrant and diverse interest clubs.

We invite you to join Lynkube and join us in celebrating your children !

Interest Clubs

Foundation Club - For preschool to grade 1

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Star Club - For grade 2 to 5

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Specialised Interest Clubs

For Grade 6 & above


Have you ever looked at your child's doodles and sensed the potential for a serious artist?

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Have you ever looked at your child’s doodles and sensed the potential for a serious artist? Have you then felt stifled that you are not a person with artistic sensibilities yourself? And that how you can hope to provide the resources and environment required by your child to hone his/her artistry?

Welcome to Lynkube Art Club. We provide all that your child requires to be able to study and practice drawing and painting at his/her own pace. At our club, your children can safely soak into the concept and sensibilities of art. Be it backgrounds, colors, structures, shapes or more. Soon, with the help of our experienced mentors, your child will be sketching away to glory.

At the Art Club, we offer children the environment and resources to create beautiful, tangible impressions of how they perceive the world. Whether on paper or canvas, with oil or water, we wish that they fully and uninhibitedly express their creativity, joy, freedom, hope, despair and every emotion that they wish to explore.

At Lynkube Art Club, your children will be exposed to a host of new art topics, ideas, inspirations, themes and effects. They will also be equipped to choose the right resources and supplies for producing unique and imaginative pieces of art. The environment is co-creative, supportive and challenging, with the presence of mentors, experts and fellow learners.

At Lynkube Art Club, children are encouraged to showcase their creations to their peer groups and mentors. There are tons of opportunities to participate in competitions and events within and outside of Lynkube. Children are encouraged to take part in individual as well as group projects that foster talent-building and teamwork.

Join Lynkube Art Club to become a wholesome personality who possesses the two indispensable traits of an artist – creative expression and compassion.


Calling all you children who have outgrown nursery rhymes but can't get the rhythm out of your system!

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Calling all you children who have outgrown nursery rhymes but can’t get the rhythm
out of your system! Do you sense a budding musician in you but not sure how to unleash him/her? Then, Lynkube Music Club is your place to be.

Music not only soothes the soul in its art form but is also extremely therapeutic. We invite you to understand its science and nuances and become creatively empowered.

Our Music Club caters to all kinds of musical aspirations. The activities and lessons allow you to start at entry-level at your own comfortable pace. Thereafter, you will be able to gradually progress across various levels of musical competence.

We have carefully curated our vast repository of music learning resources. So that they are interactive and lively. Our qualified mentors and celebrity musicians will impart a deep understanding of music, rhythm, sound, beats, musicology and every art and science connected with music.

Our club’s curriculum and resources are designed to not only develop the musical minds of children but also their confidence for performing on stage and amidst peers.

Participate in a range of online and offline music events through Lynkube. Organize your own music and karaoke nights with your community peers. Experience the joy of bonding and being inspired by our celebrity members and experts in an environment that is both fun and encouraging. Sign up with our qualified and experienced mentors to advance your learning further. Win competitions and showcase your creations. Earn points and redeem them for workshops by our experts.

Through Lynkube Music Club, we aim to support your journey to fame by unraveling your acoustic sensibilities. We believe that every child has an ear for music and a voice for song. So, come and sing along!


It is never too early to expose your young star to the wonders in the universe, both natural and man-made.

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It is never too early to expose your young star to the wonders in the universe, both natural and man-made. At Lynkube, we believe that creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving are closely linked. This led us to create our exclusive STEAM Club for children.

Our STEAM (or science, technology, engineering, arts and math) Club is a fun and interactive method to impart scientific and technological concepts to young minds. Our activity-based, hands-on approach is very different from the education imparted in schools.

STEAM projects activate the natural inquisitiveness of children. They are guided to ask relevant questions and seek answers. Further, they are motivated to apply that knowledge to various challenging scenarios.

Our activities allow your little scientists to appreciate various phenomena in the world, creatively and artistically. At the same time, they are encouraged to delve into the depths of the principles that make things work.

In the STEAM Club, we offer coding, building, auto-making, color mixing, geometry and tons of other activities. This makes our club a wholesome and fulfilling co-curricular avenue. STEAM activities are known to impart a significant edge to children in their academics by combining principles with practice.

Our STEAM projects are both instructor-led and do-it-yourself in nature. Many of these activities involve working in teams. This fosters cooperation and allocation of tasks based on skills and ability. It also allows children to appreciate and honor the complementary skills in their peers.

Children who are resistant or apprehensive towards studying science will benefit as our club aims to demystify these concepts. It encourages parents with non-science backgrounds to become confident in supporting their children in their scientific pursuits.

Kids can take part in individual and group challenges and showcase their achievements in their communities. They can earn points for completion and make their house win, help their friends complete projects, and use credits to do collective workshops with experts in the field.


Calling young stars who love food and love cooking.

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Calling young stars who love food and love cooking. Come, hone this basic survival skill with Lynkube’s Culinary Club. Access our exhaustive learning resources to strengthen your ability to cook with confidence.

Parents, help your child convert their inquisitiveness in the kitchen into a life-long passion. Who knows, he or she may be a Michelin star chef in the making! Enroll your child in the Lynkube Culinary Club and see them create magic in your kitchen and table.

Our culinary instruction materials emphasize the utmost safety procedures for children. Thus, cooking and learning in our club is a blend of fun and discipline.

With our resources, kids can master the basics of food preparation and cooking. Our experts and celebrity chefs demonstrate the right ways of cutting, peeling, chopping and more. Our videos and live programs are comprehensive and child friendly. Not only this, we help you choose the right cooking implements for your children, create their grocery lists and plan their meals with élan.

Our experts guide children on hygiene before, after and during the cooking process. And on the proper disposal of leftovers after prepping. Thus, your little kitchen king gains a holistic experience of what it takes to become a star chef.

Access our weekly recipes, cooking challenges and activities. Share your expeditions in the online community for feedback from fellow chefs. Experiment with new ingredients. Create new tastes. Conceive new recipes and share them with your communities.

Create seasonal and festive themes for cooking and participate in challenges. Showcase your delectable food pictures and earn points. Redeem them for workshops conducted by experts. Contribute to collective goals and make your house win.

At Lynkube’s Culinary Club, we integrate the art and science of cooking in principles that can be easily absorbed by kids and teens. We help parents make your kitchen a safe and enjoyable learning ground.


Calling all young shutterbugs and star shooters!

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Calling all young shutterbugs and star shooters! Come and unleash your potential for photography at Lynkube’s Photography Club. We are here to nurture not only your capability but also your confidence.

Just starting out? Get camera-wise in a short time! Access our comprehensive photography resources with tried and tested content. Read through simple, non-technical how-to type of instructions. We have ensured that they are well suited for your young minds and vocabularies.

Are you a parent seeking to develop your child’s passion for photography? Are you confused about which camera is right for your young star? Look no further!

Our experts will show your children how to use their existing camera features to the maximum. Understand directly from experts when to invest and in what equipment.

Young stars, we offer tons of photography assignments and ideas to hone your skills. Upload your treasures and get feedback from peers and experts. Improve your photographic skills at the comfort of your home in a fun and engaging way.

Participate in our photography challenges and learn to create your portfolio. Attempt quizzes to improve your theoretical knowledge and earn points.

Have questions that keep you up at night? Join the shutterbug discussions from your member area and ask for answers. Learn tips and tricks from your peers who have been in this path for long.

Become the best budding photographer you can be. Steal the show at house parties and family events. Exhibit these photographs in the celebration gallery. Encourage your friends to do as well. Call in all your friends who love this art and form a group to share your learnings.

Attend our workshops by celebrity photographers and experts from the industry. Learn the art of taking great shots without complicated equipment.

Learn how to use your camera differently for nature, wildlife, people photography and many more! Ready for more advanced training? Sign up with a qualified and experienced mentor in the Lynkube directory and shoot on.


Derive the pleasure of reading a new book with your peers.

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Attention bookworm stars getting into primary school! Lynkube offers an exciting way to integrate learning with fun. Our Literary Club offers you a whole range of options for selecting the right books to read.

Derive the pleasure of reading a new book with your peers. Tell us and your friends at length about what you liked (and didn’t) about the book. Submit a review to help other friends decide on reading the book.

Add your friends, decide on book themes, organize online book reading sessions and have a riot. Invite other bookworms to join Lynkube if they haven’t already and expand your fun. Earn points by having weekend question/answer sessions about the books read. This is a great way to not only nurture your love for reading but also improve your vocabulary.

Do you like short stories or fantasy? Graphic novels or adventure? Or are you a sucker for heavy classics? There is something at Lynkube for every budding bookworm.

Not sure what you must read? Access our discussion forums for getting tons of reading suggestions from your peers. Want to learn more about subjects taught in school? Our experts will give you great ideas from time to time.

Participate in club activities and earn credits. Redeem them for expert workshops. Take part in literary contests and showcase your achievements. Help your school win the largest accolades from Lynkube clubs.

Parents, there is no better way for you to offer an exciting platform for cementing the book-reading habit of your children. Considering that the reading habits of most kids fizzle out in middle-school years, help them now and build a practice for life.


  • Aarzoo Khurana - Photographer

    “Rather than consuming passive entertainment all day long on phones and television; children are far better off learning actively on Lynkube, which offers courses specifically designed to make learning a fun.”
  • Jaishree Sethi (Director Story Ghar)

    "A unique platform for children to come together to communicate and learn to spread their wings."
  • Rajashree Nedungadi (Artist )

    Be it Art, Music or Culinary - LYNKUBE is the place to go for curated workshops, innovative learning modules and tools. Upgrade your skills with experienced mentors, and help your child to discover their potential.
  • Gitika Abbott - Patisserie Chef

    Join me to build your creative journey world with the Lynkube family
  • Vaishali Gupta - Author & Founder - One Teacher One Scientist

    “Lynkube is a great concept which provides every child a learning environment, a sense of belongingness and scope for discovery."
  • Shalini Kapoor, Chef

    “Fabulous and fantastic way to connect mentors with children through a unique learning platform."
  • Nasir Engineer - An Improvisation theatre trainer, performer and director

    “Lynkube is a refreshing new initiative for children of all ages to explore the world beyond academics."
  • Kashvi (Student grade IV)

    I learnt to do some doodling from my Art teacher on Lynkube. I made a card using doodle art and surprised my dad

  • Jhanvi (Parent)

    I loved your worksheets. It’s so nice to see everything arranged and presented. Saves me a lot of hassles of looking for the right resources for my child. It’s a one stop shop solution.

  • Sonia (Student Grade 8)

    I love spending some time on Lynkube. It feels nice to be amongst your friends. We brain storm together and come up with interesting projects and discussions with our mentor

  • Ashish (Parent)

    We were recently transferred from Delhi to Raipur. My son was really missing his peers and we didn’t want him to miss his photography lessons which he enjoyed so much. Lynkube came as a perfect solution . Thank you Lynkube

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    I love Lynkube ! I love Lynkube! I love Lynkube . I love Lynkube