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International Learning Exchange Programs

Lynkube regularly hosts international student exchange program.
Students participate in fun and engaging sessions of Art, Lego,
science, and nature. Exchange programs like these allow students
to explore different cultures, adapt to various learning methodologies,
and expand their potential beyond academics.

About Lynkube

Welcome to Lynkube, a unique secured online global community of school students around their areas of interests beyond academics.

At Lynkube, we celebrate every child. Hence, we have developed a platform to honor the differences in their innate interests, nurture their talents, pique their unique creativity, and enable them to thrive and shine in their chosen space without the pressure to conform to a norm.

Lynkube provides a secured online platform for children to showcase their talents, enhance skills in their chosen interest areas, and freely engage with their age appropriate global peer community. Our vast and engaging repository of content serves as a ready-reference and self-learning resource and wonderfully complements the mentor-aided learning that we facilitate for students of all ages, across six vibrant and diverse interest clubs.