Glimpses of our Fest or Carnivals

Welcome to Lynkube Creative Fest 2022!

With over 100 artists to delight you with their shows and workshops, Lynkube Creative Fest provides the right creative outlet to express your creativity even while learning. Join us for three days of celebrations, revelry and lots and lots of fun.

Every child is unique, and every child’s potential for talent stretches beyond academics. Celebrate your child's creativity and talent by giving your child the opportunity to explore their hobbies and interests through Lynkube Creative Fest

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Lynkube Wonderkids Carnival

Welcome to "Lynkube Wonderkids Carnival," an annual fun-filled carnival specially designed for all our beautiful kids of Pre Nursery - Grade 1 and their parents. Spread across three days, we aim to offer the perfect mix of joy, knowledge, and learning for all our young learners.

The Lynkube Wonderkids Carnival is a fantastic combination of laughter, creativity, friendship, and learning through fun and smiles. Through several entertaining activities, we want to make it a memorable occasion for both our children and their parents while also offering something new and exciting along the way.

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Lynkube World Art fest

School life is a lot more than attending classes and writing exams. It must be an abundant reservoir of opportunities where joyful learning and free expression of creativity happens, without boundaries.The pandemic has stifled these opportunities to a frightful extent.

Welcome to Lynkube Creative Fest 2021! An event for school students, by school students.

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